This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

So you are on this page, meaning you know what ffa is and you want it in your server or you do not know what it is!

For the people who do not know what FFA is. Ffa is a free for all game, meaning every man should fight for himself. No Teams. The game continues till there is only one player left: the winner.

HFFA features

  • Unlimited Arenas
  • Unlimited classes (Item Sets) can be created, and edited
  • Every Arena runs for himself, meaning that you can run all arenas at once!

How Do You set up HFFA?

  • First you need to download the plugin, and put it in your plugins folder.
  • now restart, or reload your server
  • Create one, or more, awesome arenas to be used in battle!
  • Go stand at the central spawn point of your arena and simply use : /ffa createarena
  • repeat previous step for all arenas created
  • Create an awseome lobby for you people to join arenas in
  • Go stand on your central spawn point of your Lobby and use: /ffa createlobby

In your lobby, people should be able to pick a class, and join a game

  • Pick a bunch of signs
  • Choose an area in the lobby which people can easily click these signs
  • To make a join sign write: on the first line hffa, on the second line join, on the third line the arena number
  • To make a class sign write: on the first line hffa on the second line class, on the third line the name of the class

Reload or Restart the server in order for it to work!

This is only required when you have created a new arena or lobby!

Some Nice tips you should know

  • If you add a class, make sure to add it to the LoadClasses list, otherwise it will not work!
  • You can manually block commands which should not be used during game!
  • People who did not choose a class, will be given one randomly!

The permissions used

permission for all create commands, and to create the signs

  • hffa.admin
  • Joining and leaving does not require a permission

You can always send me a message if you're having trouble setting up the plugin!

If you find any bugs or errors, please send them to me with the error message shown in your server cmd. Tnx!'

To do:

  1. If you have any ideas, feel free to send me a PM!


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