This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


Do your have players with excessive amounts of money that they just don't want to spend? Look no further because with HeroCastes, not only do you get a complete guild system, but your players can now hire armies of builders, suppliers, soldiers, and supervisors to build empires for them using HeroStronghold!


  • List members of each caste sorted jobs completed
  • List members of each caste within a super-region sorted by jobs completed Merchant Caste:
  • Manages item-supplier accounts (a player can farm items for other players and get payed for it).
  • Can set pay increase for reliable suppliers Soldier Caste:
  • Manage soldier salaries (a player can hire mercenaries with automatic salaries)
  • Auto-pay players for building certain HeroStronghold regions (such as traps or landmines)
  • Soldier salary can increase based on pvp kills Architect Caste:
  • Hire players to build certain HeroStronghold regions within or outside your HeroStronghold super-region (can pay a player for building a House inside of your Town) Politician Caste:
  • If enabled for your HeroStronghold super-region, owners will recieve a daily-allowance from the bank to use as spending money to improve the town via the other 3 castes.


  • /hcaste top <castename> (/hcaste top merchant) lists the top merchants on the server
  • /hcaste top <castename> <superregionname> (/hcaste top merchant mytown) lists the top merchants in the HeroStronghold super-region named mytown
  • /hcaste accept <playername> (/hcaste accept multitallented) accepts a hire invite from multitallented
  • /hcaste job <playername> <target> <wage> <bonus> <limit> (/hcaste job Honeydew BlueXephos 100 10 10) Assigns job to Honeydew to kill BlueXephos for $100 + $10 for each previous kill of BlueXephos. The job will expire after 10 kills of BlueXephos. The target could also be the name of a super-region and would count if Honeydew killed any member of that super-region. If Honeydew was in the merchant caste, the target would be an item, and Honeydew would have to collect that item. If Honeydew was in the Architect caste, the target would be a region name, and he would have to build those regions.
  • /hcaste job accept <playername> (/hcaste job accept multitallented) accepts the job from multitallented
  • /hcaste job reject <playername> (/hcaste job reject multitallented) rejects the job from multitallented
  • /hcaste job retract <playername> (/hcaste job retract Honeydew) ends your job offer with Honeydew
  • /hcaste job list (view you available jobs and see which ones you've accepted)


  • herocaste.caste.all (allows you to set yourself as any caste)
  • herocaste.caste.<castename> (allows you to accept jobs for that caste)
  • herocaste.caste.job (allows you to extend job offers to other players)

Requirements: Vault, an economy plugin. Optional: HeroStronghold, a permissions plugin.

Installation: coming soon

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