Commands and Permissions

For all commands there is /hb aliase!

/hb-ai helphb-ai.helpShows all commands.
/hb-ai attack <player name>hb-ai.attackSets Herobrine´s attack target.
/hb-ai haunt <player name>hb-ai.hauntSets Herobrine´s haunt target.
/hb-ai cancelhb-ai.cancelCancel actual Herobrine´s target.
/hb-ai reloadhb-ai.reloadReloads config.
/hb-ai positionhb-ai.positionGets actual position of Herobrine.
/hb-ai pyramid <player name>hb-ai.pyramidBuilds a pyramid near the player.
/hb-ai graveyard <player name>hb-ai.graveyardTeleports player to the Graveyard world.
/hb-ai bury <player name>hb-ai.buryBury player.
/hb-ai temple <player name>hb-ai.templeBuilds a temple near the player.
/hb-ai heads <player name>hb-ai.headsSpawn some heads near the player.
/hb-ai cave <player name>hb-ai.caveCreate cave near the player. (Location must be under 60st block of height)
/hb-ai curse <player name>hb-ai.curseCurse the player.
/hb-ai burn <player name>hb-ai.burnBurn the player.
/hb-ai allworldshb-ai.allworldsAdd all server worlds to Worlds in config.
-hb-ai.ignoreHerobrine will ignore player with this permission.