HerobrineAI v3.0.0


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    Mar 25, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.1



  • NPCs! - Now you can find HerobrineĀ“s Warriors in the world.
  • Artifact Guardian - This npc is protecting artifact in the temple.
  • Auto generating Temples and Pyramids - These structures are now randomly generated.(The biggest chance to find them is in some flat biome)
  • Lighting is now safe! - Lighting now cannot damage the world.
  • Ancient Sword - This sword protects you against Herobrine.
  • Caves - Now Herobrine can create caves.
  • New command /hb cave
  • New Walking-AI - Herobrine can now walk exactly like normal player.(Only in walking mode)
  • Haunting/Graveyard world improvemets - Random lighting.
  • Support for WorldGuard and Precious Stones
  • Item in HerobrineĀ“s hand - Herobrine can now hold any item in his hand. (Item with data too)
  • WalkingRadius From X,Z - Now you can set from where WalkingRadius starts.
  • New NPC core - New and better NPC core. (More compatible with other plugins)
  • Reduced number of bats and wolves


  • Lighting is now true by default.
  • UseAncientSword
  • UseNPC.Guardian
  • UseNPC.Warrior
  • ItemInHand
  • WalkingModeRadius.FromX
  • WalkingModeRadius.FromZ

Bug fixed

  • Fixed bug with MCPC-Plus on startup. (Error with setPositionRotation)
  • Fixed error with the latest Craftbukkit build on start up.
  • None.