Now available as a premium addon for Spigot and 1.8+ under https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/herobounty.25447/


Vault is Now Required!

HeroBounty adds a whole new dimension to Minecraft PvP. For anyone who has ever been killed by another player and wanted them to pay, but just didn't want to spend the time hunting them down, here is your answer! HeroBounty adds a public hit list to your server, allowing players to anonymously post hits against their enemies for a reward paid out of their pocket. Other players can take on the role of bounty hunter, competing to fulfill bounties and earn the reward.

HeroBounty is a plugin originally developed for the Herocraft server and is now officially being released to the public.



  • Anonymously issue hits against your enemies!
  • Successful bountied targets drop player skinned skull!
  • Become a bounty hunter and kill for pay!
  • Economy support! Earn in-game money for completing hits! Supports any economy that VAULT supports.
  • And more!

The available commands are summarized in the screenshot below. Any parameters in <angled brackets> are required. Any <id#> parameters require the position of the item in the relevant bounty list.


1. Creating a bounty
The /bounty new command posts a new bounty against the player and for the amount provided. A percentage based cut is taken out of the supplied amount; the remaining money is posted as the reward for the hit.


2. Viewing available bounties
The /bounty list command lists all available bounties and their associated rewards. Bounties are sorted from highest to lowest reward. This list keeps both the bounty issuer and the target anonymous. You will not discover the target of the bounty until you accept it.


3. Accepting a bounty
To accept a bounty, use the /bounty accept command and give it the id# of the bounty you'd like. Accepting a bounty incurs a small fee - usually 5% of the award value. Once accepted, you will be given the target's name and the duration of your issued bounty will start to count down. If you fail to kill the target in the given duration, the bounty will be retracted and you will have to purchase it again to continue.


4. Finding a target
To help in finding targets, use the /bounty locate command. This command displays a list of your targets and their approximate. Target locations are rounded to the nearest 100 blocks by default, but this value can be changed in the configuration. These locations are only meant to give you a rough idea of where your target is. It is up to you as the bounty hunter to actually track down the player and complete the hit.


5. Completing a bounty
If you manage to kill a player for whom you have purchased a bounty for, you will be given the reward associated with the hit. The server will be publicly alerted of your success. The target (now dead) will receive a small monetary penalty - usually 5% of the award value.



  1. Download the latest version of the plugin from the link at the top of this page.
  2. Extract the contents of the archive to your /plugins folder.
  3. Open /plugins/HeroBounty/config.yml and configure to your liking.
  4. Save the modified file and start your server.

All of the settings related to HeroBounty are stored in your /plugins/HeroBounty/data.yml file in YAML format. If you are unfamiliar with YAML, simply follow the pattern found in the config.yml file in the archive you downloaded. The comments in this default file, prefaced with a #, describe what each of the configuration options do.

If found, HeroBounty will make use of TheYeti's Permissions plugin. The three available permission nodes are described below:

  • herobounty.new - allows use of /bounty new
  • herobounty.accept - allows use of /bounty accept
  • herobounty.locate - allows use of /bounty locate
  • herobounty.list - allows use of /bounty list
  • herobounty.untargettable - makes a player unable to be targetted by bounties

Thanks for all your support! Herocraft Development will do its best to keep this plugin updated and bug free. If you have any issues or feature requests, feel free to either leave a message here or find us at IRC.



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