What is HelpTicket?

Most of the time on server's you will see user's persistently asking for help because someone had griefed or stolen from them. This plugin allows those users to file a ticket that staff can then look at and deal with as they see fit. If a staff member cannot deal with the situation they can assign the ticket to a staff member who can. When you port to a ticket you are not only assigned to the ticket but teleported and the situation is brought up on screen for you to see. Everything is fully customizable and documentation on this can be found here


  • MySQL support (through DeityAPI)
  • Tickets are assigned a unique ID # which can be used to track the ticket
  • Tickets can also be assigned a priority of LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH the default being MEDIUM
  • Tickets will be sorted by the priority when viewing all tickets
  • Fully customizable language.yml file
  • Comment System
  • Teleporting to location that ticket is made, viewing the situation just as the person who created the ticket
  • Notifications of staff as well as members when ticket is modified
  • Offline players will get notified of updates to their tickets when they join
  • '/pe' being an alias for '/ticket' for people moving from PetitionPlugin to this
  • If my plugin Mail is installed ticket creators will be notified of the status via an in game Mail if they are not online to see the change.



  1. Place HelpTicket within your plugins folder
  2. Add permission nodes to users where relevant
  3. Optional: you can change almost every user message and formatting via the language.yml file I will update the language config wiki soon


General Users

For general users you can add the helpticket.general.* or specify below

  • helpticket.general.list
  • helpticket.general.create
  • helpticket.general.comment
  • helpticket.general.close

Admin users

For admin users you can add the helpticket.admin.* . Or specify below, Note that admins should also have the helpticket.general.* permission as well

  • helpticket.admin.assign
  • helpticket.admin.priority
  • helpticket.admin.purge

How to operate

After your set-up is all complete you are ready to start using it. You can use '/ticket ?' or '/ticket help' in-game to view a list of commands that can be used.

Before you start dealing with tickets you need to select one. To do this you type /ticket select <ticket-id> . After that you can deal with the ticket as you need to


User Commands

  • /ticket list <OPEN/CLOSED> <page-number> - Shows all tickets
  • /ticket [select/sel] [ticket-id] - Shows the selected tickets information
  • /ticket info <page-number> - Shows the selected tickets information
  • /ticket [create/new] [message] - Creates a ticket
  • /ticket [comment/cmt] [message] - Comments on the selected ticket
  • /ticket close <message> - Closes the selected ticket

Admin Commands

  • /ticket [teleport/tp] - Teleports to the selected ticket
  • /ticket assign [staff-name] - Assigns the selected ticket
  • /ticket [priority/pri] [increase/decrease] - Alters the priority of the selected ticket
  • /ticket purge [player-name] - Deletes all the tickets created by the player specified

Console Commands

  • /ticket [comment/cmt] [ticket id] [ticket commenter] [message] - Comments on the selected ticket
  • /ticket close [ticket id] [ticket commenter] <message> - Closes the selected ticket
  • /ticket assign [ticket id] [staff-name] - Assigns the selected ticket
  • /ticket [priority/pri] [ticket id] [increase/decrease] - Alters the priority of the selected ticket
  • /ticket purge [player-name] - Deletes all the tickets created by the player specified

Extra Links

Source: GitHub

Documentation: Wiki


Player Made Tutorials


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