Current Version: v1.5

This plugin allows anyone to ask for help. Using the /helpme command, a admin/Op or any group with the permission helpmeadvanced.admin will get a message about what world the person is in, and their gps location.

This plugin is my own version of the very awesome HelpMe plugin. The HelpMe plugin is awesome and I fully recommend it, the only main difference between the plugins is the permissions support, messaging support and new features.

When an admin uses /helpme goto # that number will also be removed from the list. There is no need to use the remove command.

Check out the original plugin here.


  • Asks for help
  • Alerts Admins to people who need help
  • Creates a waiting list
  • Custom messages!
  • Unlimited custom messages

Using The Plugin:

Set Up:

By default on first run, a messages.txt file is created. This file contains only three lines, the same default three from previous versions. Add as many lines as you would like, each line will be sent to the person who issues the /helpme command.


Blue = functioning properly

Red = not functioning properly

/helpme - Asks and admin or anyone with the permission 'helpmeadvanced.admin' for help.

/helpme help - Displays help file for HelpMeAdvanced

/helpme description - "Description Here" (without quotes) - Adds a description onto your plea for help!

/helpme list - If your an admin, issuing this command will list all of the people who still need help

/helpme remove # - If your an admin, issuing this command will remove the selected number from the list

/helpme goto # - If your an admin, issuing this command will teleport you to that player's location and remove that player from the list


'helpmeadvanced.admin' - Whoever has this permission will be alerted that someone needs help!


  • Add cool-down time
  • Add user configurable messages
  • Add downloadable source
  • Add description command
  • Make the plugin Op competent
  • Add Description Ability
  • Add Unlimited number of configurable messages
  • When player does /helpme, he gets added to a list
  • Add /helpme list, it will list all players that haven't got help
  • Add /goto [Number], this will teleport you to the player, and will remove the name of that player from /helpme list


Please submit a ticket here.



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