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=====The idea=====

The idea comes from the plugin SignEdit. I was looking for a plugin like it but i couldnt find one so i decided to make my own one. HellsEdit allows you to easy edit signs you are looking at.

=====Commands / Permissions=====

Every permissions plugin is supported. If no permissions plugins installed or no nodes give, HellsEdit give OP all rights.

/hedit info
Shows the help menu
Shows you all lines of the sign u are looking at.
2hellsedit.edit/hedit edit [line] [content]edits the [line] to the [content]. [line] can be 0-3, while 0 is the first.
3hellsedit.save/hedit save [savename]
/hedit load [savename]
saves the content of the sign you are looking at to [savename]
loads the save with the name [savename] into the feather to paste it.
4hellsedit.reload/hedit reload
/hedit saveall
reloads all saves
force to save all saves in memory to data
5hellsedit.attachFeather usage
6hellsedit.colorColor usage


How to edit a Line

Look at the sign you want to edit. Type in /hedit edit 1 'I edited this line' with this the 2nd line will look like this

i edited this line

=====Save / Load System=====

The save/load system is easy to understand. Mainly there is a saves folder in the plugin folder. There are more folders when saves are made.

How to add new saves offgame

  • Go into the saves folder.
  • Go into the player folder (the folders in the saves folder are named by players
  • Create/Open a file edit the first 4 lines of the file into what u want that the sign lookslike
  • Name/rename the file to a savename
  • go ingame and type /hedit reload
  • now u can use /hedit load [savename] to get the data

    Ingame usage

    If you want to save a sign just look at the sign and type in /hedit save [savename] change [savename] to anything u want to save the sign for example /hedit save tutorial .
    If you want to load a saved data go and type in /hedit load [savename] change [savename] to anysavename u have created.


all multiline edit


.$pIrit - for his awesome plugin SignEdit, which inspired me to make this addon


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