HeavySpleef v2.0 (Add-on Package)


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    Jul 21, 2015
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8
  • 1.8.3
  • 1.7.4


HeavySpleef 2.0

After a half year of hard work, we are pretty proud to announce a completely overhauled, and from the ground up new designed version of HeavySpleef! As there are a ton of new features and bugfixes, the changelog only covers the most important features. For more information on how to use this version, please visit the documentation for version 2.0.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR UPGRADERS: As HeavySpleef 2.0 introduces UUID support you can import existing statistics by running HeavySpleef 2.0 on the earlier installation of HeavySpleef.

!!! If you are an upgrader it is recommend that you download the latest development build from here as this version contains bugs which may result in further problems of migrating data (The dev build fixes that) !!!

However, statistic migration/conversion requires the access the Mojang API. As this API limits requests made by a single IP, statistic migration may take up to several hours depending on the amount of statistics stored in your database.

If you do not wish to take over statistics, please disable statistics in your current installation of HeavySpleef by setting statistic -> enabled to "false". You may copy your server to your local machine and run the migration there if you do not want your server to be unreachable for this period of time.

Games and floors are automatically converted/migrated for the use of HeavySpleef 2.0.


  • Added commands for visualizing a floor/deathzone in the world
  • Added layouts for signs
  • Added sign layout scripting
  • More statistics: Now recording the overall time of players who play spleef and the amount of blocks broken overall
  • Introducing the new rating system of HeavySpleef: Players now gain (or lose) rating depending on skill of your opponent. (Removed points therefore)
  • Removed HeavySpleef selection, now using WorldEdit selection only
  • Added support for three floor shape types: cuboid, cylindric, polygonal (depending on your WorldEdit selection)
  • Added an extendable add-on system for HeavySpleef:
    • Added LeaderboardExtensions add-on which adds a winner podium and a leaderboard wall
    • Added JoinGUI add-on which adds the well known '/spleef join' inventory interface to the game
    • More add-ons will follow soon!
  • Added flags:
    • Spectate flag:
      • Allow fly mode while spectating (optional)
      • Automatically make players spectate after they lose in spleef (optional)
      • Apply invisibility to spectators (optional)
      • Add a tracking compass for spectators to teleport to ingame players (optional)
    • Added fireworks flag. You are now able to play some fancy fireworks to the spleef winner!
    • Added barrier flag which displays barrier particles in a defined interval of time (Useful when having an invisible floor)
    • Added snowballs flag which gives players a certain amount of snowballs when they break a block
  • Removed flags:
    • 1vs1
    • boxes
  • Split up the database configuration into a seperate file: database-config.yml
  • Fully add UUID support
  • Added intelligent language/internationalization support system
  • Removed the large ingame block-scoreboard

And the technical stuff:

  • Now storing game information in XML rather than in YAML
  • Database accesses were asynchronized in order to minimize lag on the server
  • Use an own implemented schematic format for saving floors
  • The entire code-base has heavily improved

Note:This version is only compatible with CraftBukkit 1.7 and 1.8 and at least a installation of Java 7. This version does not support servers running on Minecraft 1.6 or below<</color>>

This version contains a pack of add-ons you may install for HeavySpleef. If you want to learn more about add-ons, click here.

We wish you happy spleefing!