HeavySpleef v1.3


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    Sep 27, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.6.4
  • 1.6.2


HeavySpleef 1.3

Please reset your config with this update.
After a while now, there is an update! Say hello to HeavySpleef 1.3. There are not so much new things but I'm still sure you will like it :)

New Features

  • Added flag to set the icon in the inventory join menu
  • Added flag to regenerate floors in an intervall
  • Added bowspleef gamemode (flag bowspleef)
  • Added flag for a fixed spawnpoint in a game (when the game starts to count)
  • Added a simple spleef log (for example to find players easier abusing the jackpot)
  • Added spectate point. Spectate with /spleef spectate <game>


  • Many bugfixes
  1. Fixed a shovel bug
  2. Fixed Multiworld Support (More than 12 plugins "break" HeavySpleef, thanks to Puseidr)
  3. Fixed a NullPointerException with the signwall
  4. Fixed a bug where every player in the winner team gets the full jackpot prize
  5. Fixed a bug that the players inventory won't be restored on death
  6. Fixed a bug with creative control plugins - Special thanks to Shevchik who contributed to fix this bug


  • Recoded mysql database
  • Recoded inventory menu
  • Remade the inventory join menu
  • Improvements for the anticamping feature
  • /spleef start does not longer require an arena argument
  • Renamed flag jackpotamount to entryfee

Happy spleefing! :)

Note: I will also release an update on Minecraft 1.7. There are some major changes on 1.7 which needs an update to provide further compatibility.