HeavySpleef v0.4


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    Feb 24, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


HeavySpleef 0.4 is here! Please DELETE your CONFIG and LANGUAGE FILES (or backup it).


New features:

  • Support for manually builded floors! You can now build your own floor pattern and use it! Command: /spleef addfloor given
  • Start a game with shovels! Simply type /spleef setshovel <arena> true and your done!
  • Custom countdown. Define the countdown length specified for every arena. Command: /spleef setcountdown <arena> <countdown>
  • Don't want to use the start signs? No problem! Type /spleef startonminplayers <arena> true and the game will start if the minimum count of players are reached!
  • Want to see statistics of spleef? /spleef stats will show your own statistics, /spleef stats <Player> will show the statistics of an other player and /spleef stats top will show the top players sorted by there score! (If you want to use this with your website: Set the statistic database in the config to mysql and use querys to get the values)
  • Added russian translation (thanks to videosar64 for the translation)
  • Added extra permission nodes for signs (heavyspleef.sign.join, heavyspleef.sign.start, heavyspleef.sign.leave)


  • Updated the help command
  • Arena isn't longer ingame when two players are ingame and the other quit
  • Fixed another bug that the arena doesn't exists if a spleef sign is created
  • The random y-coordinate in the arena is now at the highest floor.
  • Winpoint and losepoint messages were swapped.
  • And other lots of bugfixes