Thanks to phrstbin AND ManiaCraft for the code cleanup and revamp. I have merged the branch on github however I am unable to actually compile the code and put it up for download.

This adds a health bar above players heads using the ClientSide plugin and server plugin called "Spout". Usage: Literally place the .jar into your plug-ins directory and it will automagically work.


On start up the plugin automatically creates a config.yml file in the HealthBar folder. This contains the following properties: Code:

    barCharacter: '|'
#Character used in the bar making. Best use is if you want to change the size of the bar, type an extra pipe symbol
    container1: '['
#Character defining the start of the health bar
    container2: ']'
#Character defining the end of the health bar
#Self explanatory.
    goodHealthColor: 'a'
    containerColor: '9'
    hurtHealthColor: 'c'
    usePermissions: 'false'

Change accordingly.

This plugin works with other plugins that edit the title name.

Heroes Support

Heroes support is now in the 0.8 beta release available under Files. Please use that if you use Heroes as it will not work properly. Also get back to me on any errors you find in general. Thanks :D!


To use with permissions you must have a permissions based plugin installed (recommend PermissionsBukkit) and you must set "usePermissions" as 'true' in config.yml.

Nodes: healthbar.cansee - Allows the player to see other players health bar. healthbar.reload - Allows you to reload the configuration file.


SpoutCraft - Client & Server


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