HeadshotEffects creates many options for when a player shoots someone in the head. All of these options are 100% configurable.

Current Features (All configurable)

  • Headshot sound effect, choose from any MC sound
  • Instantly kill the victim
  • Cause configurable extra damage to the victim
  • Cause random extra damage to the victim
  • Cause extra damage only to those who aren't armored, or everyone
  • Cause a particle effect to explode around the headshot
  • Cause separate HeadshotEffects for mobs and players
  • Send a message to the shooter (w/ victim name)
  • Run a command when the headshot happens (w/ shooter and/or victim name)
  • Have HeadshotEffects only occur from arrows, or use all projectiles
  • Have HeadshotEffects only occur if the players are in a certain world(multi/separate-world support)
Commands Permission
/headshoteffects reload (currently disabled)



Users with this permission won't receive any configured extra damage when hit with a headshot


Shooters will need this permission to experience HeadshotEffects if the "RequirePermission" configuration option is set to "true"


Install Instructions:
Simply drop the jar into your plugins folder. The config.yml will load automatically into your /plugins/HeadshotEffects folder.

Configuration Help:
HeadshotEffects Config


  • Run multiple commands on a headshot
  • Send a message to the victim on a headshot

Suggestions:  I always love to hear ideas from people. Headshots could cause anything! If you have a suggestion let me know :)

As a learning and aspiring developer, I am still looking for some means of support in future school endeavors. If you would like to donate and help support me, it would be greatly appreciated. My plugins are free, and this is optional. If you can't support me through monetary means, please feel free to comment and check out my other plugins as well. Anything helps, thanks!


Be sure to check out my other Bukkit plugins!


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