Killing a player or a mob will reward you with their head which you are able to sell for in-game currency. HeadConomy will reward players with the head of the entity they kill. The value of each head can be configured in the config. This is a great way to promote players killing mobs or other players as it offers another way for them to earn more currency. Thanks to MinerMovies for the suggestion (https://forums.bukkit.org/threads/headconomy.178204/)


This is the HeadConomyplugin you can add to your server to offers players another way to earn currency. It requires Vault it also supports most permissions and most currency plugins.

I will continue to support this and add many more features. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments or through a pm.

Installation and configuration

Place the HeadConomy.jar into your plugins directory and then run the server.


  • /headconomy - Current version of HeadConomy running.
  • /headconomy reload - Reloads the config for HeadConomy.
  • /sellhead - Used to allow players to sell a head.


Click here for help with the config.yml


  • headconomy .reload
    description: Reload the config for HeadConomy.
    default: op


  • v0.9 - Support up to 1.11 added. Dragon head added.
  • v0.7 - 1 Minor bug fix.
  • v0.5 - Initial release.


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