Head Namer

Effortlessly edit the owners of player skulls with Head Namer!

Head Namer

Changing the owners of player heads, introduced in Minecraft 1.4, is a breeze with Head Namer. Absolutely unboalted, complete with permissions support, and with a drop 'n go-type functionality, using Head Namer couldn't be easier.


  • Change the owner of any player-head
  • If a head is not in the player's hand, a new one can be spawned.
  • No config, ultra-easy usage, and no setup required
  • Permissions support for both renaming and spawning new heads


  • /headnamer or /hn - Plugin info, help, and version number
  • /headnamer [Name] or /hn [Name] - Rename a player-head(s) in your hand. If you are not holding a head, a new one will be spawned, provided you have the right permissions.


  • headnamer.* - Gives holder access every Head Namer permission
  • headnamer.name - Allows holder to rename a player head(s) in their hand
  • headnamer.spawnnewitem - If a rename is attempted but the holder is not holding a player head, a new one will be spawned with the desired name.

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions at all, please don't hesitate to speak your mind. There's not much else I really aim to add to this plugin, but by all means, I'd love to hear whatever anyone has to say about it.


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