Head Lamp

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Sadly with the recent changes to the way lighting works in minecraft i've have to make some rather major changes to the code so this plugin is going to be back in alpha till I can work out the rest of the more serious bugs. To the best of my knowledge this wont break a map in any way but use at your own risk

Head Lamp

Ever run out of torches and find yourself lost in the dark? Just too lazy to put up a torch to see what you are mining? Well Head Lamp is the solution you are looking for. Easy to install and simple to use Head Lamp will light your way in even the darkest of holes.

Creates a source of light to follow you around for ease of mining and exploring. Is Currently command based, to active or deactivate type:

/hl enable
/hl disable


  • Configurable for specific items or always on.
  • Permissions
  • Extinguishes when the player contacts water.

Config File

  • Configures the plugin to emit light only when a specific item is held, a torch for instance. -1 for all the time.
    • Item ID: 50


By default only op can enable Head Lamp but everyone can disable it. This allows for the server admin to activate Head Lamp for players in the config file while allowing all players to disable it should they want to. Seems to be compatible with PermissionsEx (PEX).

  • headlamp.*:
  • description: Gives access to all Head Lamp Commands
  • children:
    • headlamp.enable: true
    • headlamp.disable: true
  • headlamp.enable:
    • description: Allows players to enable Head Lamp.
    • default: op
  • headlamp.disable:
    • description: Allows players to disable Head Lamp.
    • default: true

File Submission Status

  • All Files are up to date!

Change Log:

Version 0.8

Change code for compatibility with the new bukkit style. Back to alpha.

Version 0.8.1

Temporary fix for null pointer exceptions while switching items with nothing in hand.

To Do:

  • Allow op's/admins to enable Head Lamp for other players through the console or in game.
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Fix Bugs
  • Clean up the bukkit page.
  • Please leave suggestions!


The main new bug with this version is that the light will not disappear when you move between chunks. I believe that it will disappear over time or with a log out and log in. Also so far the only workaround for the client-side light handling (one of the new features since 1.2) was to force the clients to reload the chunk they are in with every movement. This slows down new chunk updates.

  • Please help me find bugs. I want to make this a good plugin!
  • It would seem that in bukkit placing a light source near water and then deleting it leaves behind a glow. Happens with Head Lamp and torches alike. Wonder if it is fixable.


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