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Logo HeadItems lets you create new custom items in Minecraft thanks to the 1.8 update and player heads! Since heads can store custom textures in them, you can create an unlimited amount of new items that you can either craft, apply food or potion boosts upon use.


  • Add new items with any custom texture
  • Items can be used with right click, placable on the ground or both.
  • Items can restore food or apply any various number of potion effects
  • Items can be crafted (with optional permissions)
  • Items can to be spawned with commands
  • Item recipes can be viewed in game
  • Play optional sound effects upon use


To install, place HeadItems.jar in your plugin folder and restart your server. By default, HeadItems includes 4 items: Donut, Cupcake, Popcorn, and Coffee. These starting items should give you enough templates to create your own items. Please see the config file for details on adding new items.

Adding Textures

You can add textures to your items by visiting THIS website. There are a large variety of existing heads in the Main Collection. You can also add your own heads and generate textures this way. Once you have a head you would like to add as the item COPY the Texture's VALUE from the give command. This should be entered under Texture in the config.


All commands can be executed from in game or the console. Permissions are required if the player is not OP.

  • /hi - Base command for HeadItems
  • /hi list - List all current items
  • /hi item [NAME]:[OptionalAmount [OptionalPlayer] - give yourself the item based on the item name and optional amount. You can also give items to other players
  • /hi recipe [NAME]
  • /hi reload - Reload the config file


  • head-items.* - Access to all headitem commands
  • headitems.list - Access to /hi list command
  • headitems.item - Access to /hi item command (Give self items only)
  • headitems.item.others - Access to /hi item command (For others only)
  • headitems.item.* - Complete access to /hi item
  • headitems.recipe - view item recipes.
  • headitems.reload - Access to /hi reload
  • headitems.craft.ITEMNAME - Ability to craft the item (Requires CraftingRequiresPerms to be enabled in config. By default this feature is disabled)


If you have any issues please post them in the discussion thread. I would like to keep this plugin FREE, so if you feel this plugin has benefited your server, please donate. Thank you!


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