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  • _ForgeUser10849207 created this issue Apr 10, 2013

    What is the problem?
    MySql datas.
    there some ways to install the mysql i dunt find the installation, i running on my windwos server mysql command line and just created hawkeye.
    and the webpanel just results after searching:

    Error! Table 'hawkeye.hawk_players' doesn't exist

    What version of HawkEye are you using (shown in console during start-up)?
    newly downloaded today

    Show me any console errors and/or your start-up console message for HawkEye
    it doesnt have a jar file

    Show me your config.yml and/or your config.php (REMOVE YOUR PASSWORD)
        //         HawkEye Interface Config File         //
        //                 by oliverw92                  //
        //     Edit the config array below with your     //
        //     details. Make sure all strings are        //
        //     escaped. If you can't work this out,      //
        //     ask in the thread on          //
        $hawkConfig = array(
                        //Enter your MySQL database information
                        //Do not change 'dbTable'
                        "dbHost"  => "localhost:3306",
                        "dbDbase" => "hawkeye",
                        "dbUser"  => "root",
                        "dbPass"  => "<<MyHiddenPassWord>>",
                        "dbTable" => "hawkeye",
                        "dbPlayerTable" => "hawk_players",
                        "dbWorldTable" => "hawk_worlds",

                        //Set this to the password you want people to have to use to access the interface
                        //Leave blank for no password
                        "password" => "",

                        //Default radius to search for if user supplies a location
                        "radius" => 30,

                        //Limit the maximum number of results that can be returned. Do not use quotes
                        //Set to 0 for no limit
                        "maxResults" => 0,

                        //Language pack - default is english.php
                        //You can create your own based off the english.php file,
                        //then change the name below to your language file name
                        "langFile" => "english.php",

                        //Log queries to log.txt
                        //Useful to keep track of who is querying what
                        "logQueries" => true,

                        //Use forum for authentication?
                        //Default is false
                        "forumAuth" => false,

                        //The relative location for the forum to this file.
                        //Default is "../forum/"
                        "forumDir" => "../forum/",

                        //The type of forum that will be used.
                        //Default is phpbb3
                        //Available types are: phpbb3 and smf
                        "forumType" => "phpbb3"


        //The user wants to use forumAuth
        if ($hawkConfig["forumAuth"])
            //We need to require the specified forumType.  Hopefully we support it (Or the user is using their own file)

        $con = mysql_connect($hawkConfig["dbHost"], $hawkConfig["dbUser"], $hawkConfig["dbPass"]);
        if (!$con)
            return error("Could not connect to MySQL Database!");
        if (!mysql_select_db($hawkConfig["dbDbase"], $con))
            return error(mysql_error());

        mysql_query("SET NAMES UTF8");

        function handleError($errno, $errstr, $errfile, $errline, array $errcontext) {
            // error was suppressed with the @-operator
            if (0 === error_reporting()) return false;
            throw new ErrorException($errstr, 0, $errno, $errfile, $errline);


    Have you checked the FAQ page?
    well wouldnt ask if the install guide will be complete

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