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HauntedCraft documentation is currently in progress...

Development stage: Release candidate

This plugin is inactive. There will not be any update soon.

Latest version: 0.2.1

CB: 1.5.2-R1.0


HauntedCraft provides you many ways to trick your players by specific rules like if they're alone in the dark, the block will disappear and so on...

How its work

When you make an action, plugin will looks for all rules that you defined. If all rules are matched, action will be taken to player.


  • Session duration
  • Players per session
  • Player/World exclusion
  • Actions (Click here for action details)
    • Attach (block that required to place on the block)
    • Break (block)
    • Broadcast (message)
    • Burn (player)
    • Disappear (block)
    • Disposal (item)
    • Drop (spawned item)
    • Explosion (to area)
    • Feed (player)
    • Give (item/EXP Level)
    • Heal (player)
    • Hunger (player)
    • Hurt (player)
    • Kill (player)
    • Place (block)
    • Play (sound/effect)
    • Potion (player)
    • Replace (block)
    • Say (message)
    • Shuffle (inventory/enderchest)
    • Smite (player)
    • Spawn (mobs)
    • Take (items/EXP level)
    • Throw (egg,snowball,tnt,etc.)
    • Trigger (redstone)
  • Rules
    • Biome
    • Block
    • Chance
    • EXPLevel
    • GameMode
    • Inventory
    • Layer
    • Light
    • Period
    • Player
    • Player (chat/name/hungry/dying/drowning/burning/is level/sleeping/blocking/conversing)
    • Time
    • Weather
  • Sign Supported

** All rule details is in progress...

Green - Finished
DeepSkyBlue - Partial finished
Blue - In progress
Orange - Not started
MediumPurple - Requested
Red - Planned to do on newer version

How to install

Put the .jar file in Plugins folder and run the server...


Plugin Configurations
Tricks Configurations


You need permissions in order to use commands.
<> = Required [] = Optional
You can use /hauntedcraft or /hc

  • /hc victim/player
    • Show all players are being haunted
  • /hc duration/time/remaining/remain
    • Show time left in current session
  • /hc start/restart/reset
    • Restart session
  • /hc stop
    • Stop current session
  • /hc reload
    • Reload all config file (included tricks.yml)
  • /hc action <Action> [Player]
    • Take action on player immediately (not fully customisable)
    • Example: /hc action Break spywhere


HauntedCraft have only one permission which is
HauntedCraft.Commands : Allow player to use HauntedCraft commands (default op)

Important Info

  • All .yml file are case-sensitive


[A] = Add
[F] = Fix
[I] = Improve
[R] = Remove

v0.2.1 [#1.5.2-R1.0]
[A] Add support for CB1.5.2-R1.0

v0.2 [#1.4.5-R1.0]
[A] New Action - Disposal, Explosion, Potion
[A] New Rules - Biome, Layer, EXPLevel
[A] PrimedTNT now supported in Throw action
[F] Showing message when Block rule is matched
[F] Play action cannot recognize effect
[I] Throw action now working properly and also improved
[R] Potion is not supported in Throw action

v0.1 [#1.3.2-R3.0]
First HauntedCraft public released

v0.1 PB [#1.3.2-R3.0]
First HauntedCraft private build released


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