HarryPotterSpells v0.3


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    May 29, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.5.2-R0.1



  • All of the "extraneous" features (WorldGuard/Towny/LogBlock hooks, spell signs, and SortingHat) were removed.
  • This is an alpha build. Stability is not guaranteed.
  • Do not touch the extensions folder. It is there in preparation for future builds, but does not currently do anything.
  • See Known Caveats section for more specific issues


  • Added spells
    • Avis
    • Finite Incantatem
    • Glacius
    • Incendio
    • Magna Tonitrus
    • Orchideous
    • Petrificus Totalus
    • Reparo
    • Sectumsempra
  • Added commands
    • Spelllist
    • Teachall
    • Spellinfo
  • Added configurable options
    • Avis (number of chickens)
    • Incendio (duration)
    • Spongify (duration)
    • Wingardium Leviosa (duration and whether to cancel fall damage)
  • Added explosion effects to some spells which would otherwise have no visible effect
  • Tested and fixed all other spells
  • Fixed Obscuro having .5s duration
  • Fixed Reparo not being able to repair equipped armor
  • Fixed users being able to escape Glacius ice
  • Fixed users being able to cast spells through chat without knowing the spell
  • Fixed users being able to cast spells through chat without having a wand in hand
  • Changed function of Alarte Ascendare to propel mobs rather than spawn them
  • Preparations for extension system
  • Command system overhaul
  • Optimizations, performance improvements, code cleanup
  • Blocks replaced by Glacius ice will not be restored
  • Glacius ice does not disappear
  • Aguamenti water may replace blocks instead of spawn water on top
  • Commands do not output feedback when an incorrect number of arguments are supplied
  • "me" does not work for <player> in the /unteach command