HarryPotterSpells v1.2.3


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    Apr 15, 2020
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.16
  • 1.15
  • 1.14
  • 1.13


Spigot 1.15+ Support!

This build primarily focuses on a lot of bug fixes as well as touching up the user experience in terms of commands and the permissions system.

Fixed a bunch of permissions related issues and have tested this against
LuckPermissions and UltraPermissions. Permissions should be straight forward when setting up HPS with these plugins.

Just a reminder that by default anyone can teach anyone spells. For a touch of realism you can give your players the permission harrypotterspells.teach.known which restricts them to teach only spells they previously learnt. This feature does not effect server ops or the console so they can be the first teachers.




  • Fix locale generation for UNIX systems by changing hard coded windows file separator "\\" to Java's File.separator as UNIX systems use "/"
  • Fix missing wand enchantments
  • Fix /hps NullPointerException from missing arg check
  • Fix nocooldown perm check for spells that had a space in their names eg) harrypotterspells.nocooldown.homenum-revelio
  • Fix /teach * [player] incorrect messaing:
    • /teach * [player] would say the target player knows all the spells even if it errors out for every spell i.e) No perms of teach only known
  • Fix issue in /teach where senders known spells list was mistakeny the targets known spell list.
  • Fix issue in /teach where permissions check previously was checking if the receiver had perms and not the sender. Meaning receiver would get the error "You don't have the permission to cast/teach this spell"
  • Fix NullPointerException for /unteach * [player] when player doesn't know any spells. Added a check to make sure player knows a/some spells before trying to unteach


  • HPS: Update usage/help messages
  • SpellInfo now displays usage is Spell not recognised
  • SpellList:
    • Update command usage
    • Displays usage when player is not found
    • Update so console can see player's SpellList
    • Update so player's username is equivalent to "me"
  • SpellSwitch displays usage when spell is not recognised
  • Teach:
    • Remove registration of default: false perm harrypotterspells.teach.known
    • Add op check to teachOnlyKnown to prevent ops being blocked as ops inherit all perms
    • Add spell name to end of warning during /teach * so sender knows which spell they do not have permissions for
  • Unteach updated usage
  • Teach/Unteach displays usage when:
    • Spell not recongised
    • Player not specified (When sender is not a player)
    • Player not found
  • Wand:
    • Updated command usage
    • Displays usage when player does not exist
    • Displays usage when arguments do not match


  • Bauleo
    • In addition to normal Chests, now supports transporting nearby items into TrappedChest, All types of ShulkerBox and Enderchests