Handcuffs - A realistic and configurable handcuffs plugin.
v1.2 (SOURCE)

Until I get around to updating this (if I ever do) ALTERNATIVE

Do you have a roleplay server where you like minimum commands?
Do you not want to ban for griefing because it's a part of the roleplay?
Well just handcuff them and carry them to jail.


  • Handcuff people using certain item (configurable)
  • Free people with using certain item (configurable)
  • Handcuffed people can't run.
  • Handcuffed people can't interact
  • Handcuffed people can be carried by non handcuffed people.
  • Handcuffed people's damage is cut in half. (configurable)
  • Fire can burn through handcuffs (configurable)
  • Op only support (configurable)
  • Permission support (configurable)

Permission Nodes:

  • hc.cmd.carry - The ability to pick up and put down handcuffed people.
  • hc.cmd.cuff - The ability to handcuff someone using a command.
  • hc.cmd.free - The ability to free someone using a command.
  • hc.cuff - The ability to handcuff someone using config specified tool.
  • hc.free - The ability to free someone using config specified tool.
  • hc.immune - Person is unable to be cuffed or carried.

All server commands should be executed as shown WITHOUT [], (), or <>
[ ] = Required
( ) = Optional
<> = Allias

  • /hc carry [part of name] - Picks up and drops handcuffed player within 5 blocks of you.
  • /hc cuff [part of name] - Handcuff a specified player.
  • /hc free [part of name] - Free a specified player.


  • Nothing major maybe more configs, comment below with ideas.
  • Permission support v1.1

The configs are pretty self explanatory, comment below with questions if you have some.


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