Chat is getting blocked with blured Bars #190

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  • _ForgeUser11589279 created this issue Jun 18, 2013

    When you zoom in with a weapon the chat and other texts like when you switch the weapon the item name, they get blured/replaced with bars in the textcolor. It's annoying.... how can i fix it? Has it something to do with my custom weapon pack? (It even happends sometimes with the standard weapons).

    Sound is buggy, but you already know it, it's caused by teh spout plugin.

    Nearly every problem can get fixed with restarting the client, you got your sounds back and with a bit of luck there are no bars anymore, but very often there are still those annoying bars....

    Please fix it :P

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  • _ForgeUser11589279 added an attachment 2013-06-18_15.26.23.png Jun 18, 2013


    <p>zoomed in weapon with blured chat</p>

  • _ForgeUser11589279 added an attachment 2013-06-18_15.26.24.png Jun 18, 2013


    <p>zoomed out without blured chat</p>

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