Guns, Guns, Guns Galore! Bring the Fun of Guns to your Server today! Supports as many guns as you can imagine! Now take this and add it to kits, that is what we have done with GunKits. This plugin is aimed at those few unique kit servers, that want to be a little different from the rest and offer kits with guns. Or it is designed for those regular Kit Servers who just want to have a different mini game to attracted more people. This plugin is updated often with new updates and features.


This plugin is intended for KitPvP servers that was a different kind of experience and don't want to be one of those same kit servers.


  • Infantry
    • Definition: The typical gun kit that comes with a iron hoe, and with all iron amour. The kit has the normal fighter power, and speed.
    • Command: /infantry
    • Permission: kits.infantry
  • Machine Gunner
    • Definition: Machine Gunner has a diamond hoe which is capable of firing at a much higher speed and more per click, this is best for those times where you have to spray your bullets at multiple enemies.
    • Command: /gunner
    • Permission: kits.gunner
  • Sniper
    • Definition: Sniper has a stone hoe, with an increased accuracy and better armor (Diamond), and unlimited bullets. Sniper is meant for those few who wish to camp and just fire down at your enemies.
    • Command: /sniper
    • Permission: kits.sniper
  • Brigade
    • Definition: Brigade is best for those who want to get up high and just own the sky above the enemy. Brigade has a feature that lets you fly for 10 seconds with a 20 second cool down, fly into enemy space, and just fly out 20 seconds later.
    • Command: /brigade
    • Permission: kits.brigade
  • Navy Seals
    • Definition: Seal has gold armor because seals have increased sprint and night vision for better fights in the dark. They are the sneakiest of the kits, and when you have to sneak in and sneak out without being seen, seal is your best bet.
    • Command: /seal
    • Permission: kits.seal
  • Grenadier
    • Definition: Grenadier has iron armor and a gold hoe, the difference between grenadier and infantry is that grenadiers shots do much more damage. Grenadier has the best fire power out of all of the kits.
    • Command: /grenadier
    • Permission: kits.grenadier
  • and more to come....

If you enjoy the plugin, please donate to the developer to help him take out more time to create more plugins and update his ongoing Bow-Spleef Plugin.


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