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  • _ForgeUser10933167 created this issue Jul 8, 2013

    ~ Option to hide tabs that the player doesn't have permission for.

    Allows you to give permission to what tab should be showed and what should be not,
    Like me, I got a server that runs survival games and I use this plugin to let players buy things in game, but the annoying part is the other tabs that is there, I would like to have like just my tab showed for the players that have the right permission, and the OP should have all tabs.

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  • _ForgeUser10933167 posted a comment Jul 8, 2013

    Sorry for my grammar :P

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  • waffu_ posted a comment Jul 27, 2013

    I will make it so that tabs you do not have permission for are hidden. (optional)

  • waffu_ assigned issue to _ForgeUser11052188 Oct 21, 2013

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