Q: What should I do if the plugin does not start or if it crashes on server start?

A: First of all you should collect some informations about your server and my plugin:

  • Java version of the server
  • your version of Craftbukkit
  • used version of my plugin
  • other used plugins & versions (especially if Guilds depend on them)

After that please check the following:

  • is the server using Java 7 (which is highly recommended)
  • does the Craftbukkit version you use match to the recommended CB version of the used Guilds version?
  • is Guilds up-to-date?
  • do you use the recommended versions of the dependencies?
  • do you misconfigured something? (there should be an error log about this in the console)
  • does the console printed an exception?

Possible fixes:

  • switch from Java 6 to 7
  • try to switch to the recommended CB version
  • update Guilds
  • update dependencies / change to the recommended version
  • check configuration / delete it
  • try to get some further information from printed exceptions

If you still don't have any clue check if there is already a ticket about that issue, otherwise create a new ticket for your issue.

Q: What should I include into my ticket?

A: Please include the following informations:

  • Java version
  • CB version
  • Guilds version
  • plugin list with versions
  • error log of the issue
  • What exactly is the problem?
  • What will reproduce the issue?
  • Do you have any clue what's resonsible for the issue?


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