• Guilds that can be leveled: Every player can only use a limited amount of tools when he is in no guild(depends on the server settings). For example, without a guild you can use stone tools, stone blocks, wooden tools and weapons and wooden blocks. Within a guild he could use then a stone sword and a bow. if he levels the guild, he can later use iron tools and all the other stuff(like diamond armor or redstone).
  • Developing a city: If build houses inside of your guild, villagers will come to your guild to live there. They will give you xp and maybe some bread.
  • Hierarchical guild structure: Each guild has only one leader. The members are differentiated in trusted and normal members. Only trusted members can invite new players or kick players out of the guild.
  • New dungeons with own loot: The dungeons can be spawned by admins. The loot of the dungeon is automically generated and depends on the length of the dungeon.

What is it about?

Its pretty simple. GuildEra implements guilds into Minecraft.
Every player is able to create a new guild or to join an existing one. The guilds can be leveled to get access to higher content, such as using enchantment tables or gold tools.
GuildEra implements also a new kind of dungeon that can be spawned by an admin. These dungeons are generated out of randomly chosen prefabs. Each dungeon will be different this way. At the end of the dungeon waits a treasure for the players who masters the dungeon. This treasure will be autmatically refilled every 24h.

Why should i want guilds?

Well, I often hear that the players want to stick together to a kingdom, a city or something similiar. With this plugin they can stick together to a guild. Each guild has a guildarea where only the guild can build and destroy something, with one exception. Other guilds will be able to attack your guilds with swords and bows.

So another guild can destroy my guild over night when I sleep?

No, they cant. A guild can only be attacked when a player of this guild is online. This way it is guaranted that there is someone who can defend the guild.

Whats the point in attacking other guilds?

I dont know. Whats the point into griefing? Correct, there isnt a point, but a lot of people do it.

So where can i get the plugin??

Grab the newest revision here:

Are there any new features planned?

To be honest, there isnt planned anything special at the moment. I got several requests about an alliance-system. May I add something in that direction.

Where can i see which level my guild needs, to use a certain tool/block?

Look it up here:

Well, you can tell me a lot, I want to see it!

As you wish:

How can I install it?

Download the newest revision of guildera.jar here:
Put it into the plugin directory of your bukkit. Restart bukkit.
If you want to change the basic level of non-guild players(guilds start one level higher when they are founded), start bukkit with GuildEra once. Close bukkit now. There should be a new file in plugin/guildera/ called startLevel.cfg, open it. Change the numberic value to the basic level you want.

Current revision ist rev30!

How do I have to update GuildEra?

Just replace your old guildera_revXX.jar in the plugin folder with the newest one and restart bukkit.

How can I use Guildera now in the game?

Type .help or .commands in the chat to see your possible actions or look the chat commands here up:

Are there any permissions I have to give?

No there arent. The only thing to differt admins from non-admins is the OP-state of bukkit.

Can I modify on which worlds the plugin runs?

Yes. Start your server once and close it. There should be a world.cfg in the plugin/guildera. Open it. You can put the name of a world in each line. The first line marks the primary world. You can only build guilds and dungeons in the primary world. The restrictions coppled to the guild will affect every world you put in the world.cfg. You have to restart your server if you changed anything in the world.cfg.

Is there a config file?

Yes. Start bukkit once with the plugin and than close bukkit. There should now be a config.cfg file in your plugin/guildera directory. To have changes applied, you must restart your server after every change you made.

Official server:


If you have questions or (thought-out!) ideas just contact me here or...
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