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Who is GuildCraft?

What is GuildCraft?

GuildCraft is not combat based, it is based upon skills which can be accessed by all, Races contain buffs which stick with you the whole time, other then that Race doesn't effect you too much. Anyone can level up in

  • Mining
  • Woodcutting
  • Combat
  • Farming
  • And more
    When leveling up you are awarded "skill points" skill points can be used to trigger and increase "active abilities" active abilities are things such as....
  • Sneak
  • Barter
  • Health Capacity
  • Mana Capacity
  • And more
    Spout components will enhance GuildCraft further by providing Sound effects, custom guis (Shop, Character profile, etc), custom hud, custom blocks (Custom ores), custom items (Bombs + more), and perhaps a character creator at a later date.


  • Several custom items, open your creative inventory to have a look
  • Custom crafting (Chain links > Chain armor | Emeralds > Emerald Block etc.)
  • Leveling system with Ability perks
  • Cool user interface using spout
  • New ores and ore generation
  • Magic spells
  • Tangible currency drops (iConomy, BOSE, etc)
  • Much more!


GuildCraft is an upcoming RPG plugin that will completely submerge your server as if it were in an mmoRPG game. From the moment a player joins the server GuildCraft is designed to make Minecraft feel more like an mmo and try and fulfill all the high standards that are expected from an RPG game. I have taken what I know from many RPG games I have played throughout the years and poured the reoccurring themes into Guildcraft to make it feel like a new experience.


Attention: I have disabled comments on this project now. Please use the FORUM to ask me question or discuss GuildCraft. Thank you!

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