For server owners

For server owners

For server owners

You were sent from another plugin on Bukkit here?
The plugin, you want to use, says you should install Guides?
Then this page is absolutely perfect for you!
You do not need Guides, if no other plugin tells you!


  • Download the Gudies.jar.
  • Paste the Guides.jar in your plugins folder.
  • Start your server.
  • Done.

What does Guides do?

  • Guides provides a guide system for developers / other plugins.

  • Guides is a plugin, whichs makes the usage of other plugins more easier, because
    • with Guides you have to use less commands.
    • you can do things step by step.

Commands & Permissions

  • There are no commands or permissions,
    • because other plugins, <sub>which depends on Guides</sub>, will / should have commands, to start their own Guide.


Yes, of course!


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