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For developers

For developers

What does Guides do?

Guides provides a guide system for your plugin.
This means:
You can run a self made guide for a player.
In the guide you can tell / ask the player (for) something, and the player can answer.
In this way you can work off long commands.
Also a "Welcome-Tour" for your server is possible with Guides.


Yes, of course!

Hook into GudiesPlugin

  • Make sure, your plugin.yml is setup correctly:
    depend: [GuidesPlugin]
  • Create a GuidesPlugin variable:
    GuidesPlugin gp = (GuidesPlugin) this.getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("GuidesPlugin");

Creating the code for a Guide


  • If you have any Questions or stuff like that, then please post a comment.
  • I'ld like to support you in english or german.


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