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    Jun 17, 2016
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  • 1.9


FIXES: - Fixed clicking out of inventory - Fixed mouse twitching to middle of screen every click - Fixed clicking empty slots causing bugs - Fixed un-sellable items not returning when attempted to be sold - Fixed selling anything with 0.X cents. Anything under 1$ is returned. - Fixed plugin loading methods. No longer using Main() - Fixed clicking personal slots, than the shop causing a dupe. - Fixed Instant close bug when clicking blank personal inventory slot.

NEW: - Re-Coded loading system to lift weight off the server. The plugin would load from the config every time a player types /shop. The shops now load ONCE when the first player joins the server after a reboot.

REMOVED: - Removed old caching system, found way more efficient way. - Removed console spam messages TOUCH-UPS: - Cleaned up most of the handler code - Garbage cleanup within handlers

- If you click a shop and it does nothing in the menu, This means you have messed up on the shop somewhere in the config. Find what shops do and dont work. There should be a point in the menu where they stop working. Find that point then focus on that area in the config for errors. Can be as simple as CAPS are wrong, and dont match the shop in shops.yml or a missing space.