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I loved the idea of Floating islands, but their construction and/or generation always seemed clunky.  I developed this, to generate an entire World of floating spheres, with no base layer (falling off of a sphere means falling to your death).

The config file determines a "sourceWorld", which is generated.  The config file saves "sphere data" as well, in regions.  The smaller the regions, the smaller your spheres might need to be, to be well-laid-out.  Lots of configuration available, and hopefully you can have some fun with it.

Because other Grief-Prevention plugins tend to use "square sections", and claim the full vertical space of an area, they would cause issues with spheres that are at different levels (sky, low-earth, sea-level)... so I built in some Claim mechanics and Grief Prevention.  Currently there are no "trust" mechanics, but I am hoping to add them later.

Really, I just want to get an idea of what people think, and where they want to see it go!


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