Limit the number of growing ores each player may have #2

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  • _ForgeUser9505073 created this issue Aug 30, 2012

    I enjoy the mod, and have it on a small server I run. It would be nice however to be able to limit the number of grow able ores each player can have.

    Specifically we use emeralds for our economy system, and a player as it stands can have an unlimited number of emerald's growing. Even if I limit each emerald to 1 tall, nothing stops a player from having 20 or more growing, other than removing the ability all together.

    If I could limit the number of X ore each player is allowed to grow, I could limit each player to 1 emerald a day etc and not upset the balance of things, and allow players to build and such without digging out huge sections of the world.

  • _ForgeUser9505073 added the tags New Enhancment Aug 30, 2012

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