GroupTele plugin

For all your group teleportation needs!

This plugin allows you to teleport a group of players to you. Only Ops may use this command, normal players are denied access to it for anti-griefing, annoying and spamming purposes. This plugin is useful if you want to organise a meeting, or want to teleport multiple players to you for a new building location or to have fun together.

Using the command /grouptele and then <name of player to teleport players to> <name of player to be teleported> <name of player to be teleported> etc. you can teleport a group of players to the first player specified. At the moment you can teleport up to 15 other players. Once teleported all players teleported get a message with who they have been teleported to.

  • This plugin is still in the development phase, with many more things to be added to it! Please feel free to suggest changes and tell me if there are any bugs.

I'm Currently working on a GroupTeleRequest command for normal players.


- Simply extract files from the zip folder and place in the plugins folder of your server and you are ready to go! - Edit the config to change the No permission message players that arent op get sent when trying to perform the command.


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