Gringotts v2.9


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    Jun 18, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.10



  • DEPENDS ON JAVA 8. If your server is not on Java 8 yet, you should upgrade, or ask your service provider to upgrade. Java 7 isn't supported anymore by Oracle.
  • Should now work both in regular as well as async context. This means there should be no more "Asynchronous entity world add" errors anymore, and Gringotts is now compatible with Towny in async mode, as well as other plugins that call economy methods asynchronously.
  • The maximum virtual money allowed for an account is now equal to the lowest denomination, instead of the highest. I changed this because that behavior was causing lots of confusion.
  • fixed other minor bugs


  • built for Minecraft 1.9 and Factions 2.8. May not be compatible with older Factions versions!
  • unsupported versions of Factions should be handled more gracefully now.
  • updated to current version of Metrics-Lite. Fixes annoying error messages.