Gringotts v2.8


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    Mar 9, 2016
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.9



  • built for Minecraft 1.9 and Factions 2.8. May not be compatible with older Factions versions!
  • unsupported versions of Factions should be handled more gracefully now.
  • updated to current version of Metrics-Lite. Fixes annoying error messages.


  • Named denominations: Each denomination can now have its own name, which will be shown in /balance messages and the like. To activate this feature, use the named-denominations config setting. By default this will use the denomination's displayname or regular item name, but you can define a custom name as well. See configuration instructions for details.
  • Balance messages can now be configured to show only regular balance or also vault/inventory balances.
  • Now also supports & prefix to color codes in messages and item displayname/lore in addition to the default § prefix.
  • can now also used Vault-supported item names in denomination config, not only regular Bukkit names. This can make the config a bit more intuitive. (requires Vault)
  • lore config for denomination items now also allows a simple string instead of a string list.
  • configuration should now always be loaded as UTF8.
  • fixed an issue with /money commands failing on some servers.


  • adds display name and lore support for currency items. See configuration instructions on how to configure this.
    Thanks to dj5566 for contributing this feature!
  • startingbalance config option works again


  • fix some currency requests causing internet accesses and thus lag spikes. Should fix some problems people have been having with Towny
  • /money now shows money in vaults and money in inventory in addition to total balance


  • updates to dependency versions:
    • Bukkit API 1.8.3-R0.1
    • Vault API 1.5
    • Factions / MassiveCore 2.7.5 (incompatible with older Factions versions)
    • Towny
    • WorldGuard 6.0 beta
  • minor fixes in message formatting


  • supports player UUIDs
  • old Derby databases will be automatically migrated to the Bukkit-internal database
  • player names in the database will be automatically migrated to UUIDs
  • built against Bukkit 1.7.9, Vault 1.4, Java 7.
    This version of Gringotts will no longer work with older versions of Bukkit, Vault and Java.
  • vaults can now be created from most containers (chest, trapped chest, hopper, dropper, dispenser, furnace)
  • fix a bug preventing creation of vaults when the db still contained vaults in deleted worlds
  • fix a bug allowing to create multiple vaults on a single container