Gringotts v2.0-beta3


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    Mar 18, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.0
  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


BETA VERSION - do not use on live servers before testing yourself!

v2.0 beta3

  • fix bug where Towny vaults would get deactivated on creation of other chests or deposits
  • update Vault connector to Vault v 1.2.24 -- this version of Gringotts may be incompatible with older versions of Vault

v2.0 beta2

  • ops/players with permission createvault.forothers can now create vaults for other players and other accounts by creating the vault as usual, but adding the owner's name/id on the thord line of the sign.
  • fix bug with worldguard vault creation permissions

v2.0 beta1

  • can create a vault now by attaching the [vault] sign to a chest directly (shift+rightclick with a sign), instead of requiring it to be above the chest
  • added string customization / internationalization for messages to players (contributed by KanaYamamoto/Daenara). Customize your messages in messages.yml (should appear after first start of this version in Gringotts folder)
  • German translation (contributed by KanaYamamoto/Daenara). Add this line to your config.yml to enable:
    language: de
  • accounts can have a purely virtual starting balance (contributed by bezeek)
  • support for WorldGuard region vaults. Region owners may create a [region vault] with the id of the region on the third line.
  • /moneyadmin command now supports optional account type parameter. example: /moneyadmin b foo faction. This is primariliy intended for plugins that use worldguard for region management, as there are no player commands to handle these accounts.
  • for devs: added an event system for vault creation. Gringotts triggers a PlayerVaultCreationEvent when a player attempts to create a vault in the world. Plugins can register an event handler and supply their information for Gringotts to create their own vault types.

May be incompatible with versions of Vault before 1.2.24