Gringotts v2.0-beta1


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    Feb 27, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


BETA VERSION - do not use on live servers before testing yourself!

v2.0 beta1

  • can create a vault now by attaching the [vault] sign to a chest directly (shift+rightclick with a sign), instead of requiring it to be above the chest
  • added string customization / internationalization for messages to players (contributed by KanaYamamoto/Daenara). Customize your messages in messages.yml (should appear after first start of this version in Gringotts folder)
  • German translation (contributed by KanaYamamoto/Daenara). Add this line to your config.yml to enable:
    language: de
  • accounts can have a purely virtual starting balance (contributed by bezeek)
  • support for WorldGuard region vaults. Region owners may create a [region vault] with the id of the region on the third line.
  • /moneyadmin command now supports optional account type parameter. example: /moneyadmin b foo faction. This is primariliy intended for plugins that use worldguard for region management, as there are no player commands to handle these accounts.
  • for devs: added an event system for vault creation. Gringotts triggers a PlayerVaultCreationEvent when a player attempts to create a vault in the world. Plugins can register an event handler and supply their information for Gringotts to create their own vault types.