GriefPrevention RealEstate Addon

The project is now maintained @ SPIGOT

Grief Prevention - Real Estate

ATTENTION! Requires Vault and GriefPrevention 7.8+

Introduction & Information

Grief Prevention - Real Estate aims to extend the Grief Prevention plugin by allowing users to be able to buy and sell claims or subclaims. Currently this is one of the biggest requests that are made for this plugin and the author has pointed out that they are concentrating on anti-griefing aspect of GriefPrevention.


April 28th, 2014

New maintainer

The project is now being managed, updated and supported by me, GuyB790. I'm releasing a quick hotfix to fix the subclaim buying bug right now. If you witness any bug, feel free to open a ticket regarding it. I'll rewrite the whole documentation about the plugin today.

I would like to thank SuperPyroManiac for letting me taking over the project and continue updating its potential. Without him, the project would remain at the old versions of GriefPrevention and wouldn't be updated to work at all. Special thanks to the original creator who started all of this: leezallen.

Quote from SuperPyroManiac:

Due to recent events, I have made GuyB790 in charge of this plugin, as he plans to add new features, and better the support.


The plugin has been originally created by leezallen back long time ago. The project has been abandoned and revived by SuperPyroManiac which has configured it to work with the current version of GriefPrevention and made it available again for popular and further versions. It is now being maintained & supported by GuyB790.

Usage information for players

Usage information for server owners

Permission List

  • gprealestate.* - Give you permission to all the permissions.
  • - Ability to buy a claim (not a subclaim).
  • gprealestate.sell - Ability to sell a claim (not a subclaim).
  • gprealestate.adminclaim - Ability to buy/sell an admin claim (basically an admin permission).
  • gprealestate.sellsub - Ability to sell sub claims.
  • gprealestate.buysub - Ability to buy sub claims.

NOTE: I am aware of the issue that the permissions has with the confusion of what's admin and what's not - it will be all sorted out in version 1.5 which is being worked on at the moment.


Coming soon.

Documentation & Developer notes

ToDo List

List's legend:

TEXT - Being implemented
TEXT - Has been implemented
TEXT - Will be implemented

  • Ability to set up claims for rent (timing)
  • Better code efficiency
  • Better permissions with more variety.
  • Better configuration file
  • Better documentation about the plugin
  • Buying / Selling claims & sub claims.

Do you posses a suggestion for the list? Submit a ticket and state your suggestion clearly.

Developers Contribution

Coming soon. Old Github Repo:


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