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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.8.1


Recent Major Changes

  • Buy/sell blocks uses bonus blocks, now accrued - Version 11.0.2 and higher. When you have server economy integration enabled, players can't sell accrued blocks anymore, only bonus blocks. Also when they buy, those purchased blocks go into their bonus blocks.
  • Nether portal protections disabled by default - Version 10.6 and higher. For sake of performance, the feature which prevents nether portals from being created in land claims without permission (by creating a nether portal at the corresponding coordinates in another dimension) is turned off by default. You can enable it in your config file. This "grief" is very difficult to execute, opportunities to attempt it are rare, and it's surprisingly expensive to prevent. Even when it works, the "victim" might actually be appreciative, since he didn't have a nether portal nearby already.
  • PvP worlds reset - Version 10.4 and higher. This area of the config file has been frustrating for many for a long time. I've rewritten it to be more readable, much easier to edit, and now you can have an empty PvP worlds list on a PvP server, if that's what you want. When you update to this version, you will have to customize this part of the config file again (if you ever customized it at all).
  • Finding offline players by name - Version 9.0 and higher. For sake of performance (not producing lag), players and admins can only target offline players who've recently logged in with Grief Prevention slash commands like /trust, /transferclaim, /claimslist, and so on. I plan to keep working on this to make all players targettable without causing a lag problem. This limit on who can be targetted is a temporary solution to work around a problem introduced by the CraftBukkit team when they made the switch to support player UUIDs.
  • UUID Conversion - Version 8.1 and higher. During boot, an often very slow, one-time conversion process will replace player names in your data with player UUIDs. This process can take as long as one second for each player who has EVER played on your server. Make a backup before you upgrade, and please be patient. If this process is interrupted, you'll have to restore from backup and start over. This change will ensure players who change their names will not lose claim blocks or access to their land claims. If there's a problem, I need to know whether you're online/offline/bungee, whether in database or flat file mode, I need your boot logs from the conversion attempt, and if possible, a snapshot of your data from before the update.
  • Disabled worlds in config - Version 8.5 and higher. If a world is "disabled" for land claims, then no land claims which already exist in that world (including administrative land claims) will be protected. For those upgrading from an earlier version ONLY, to ensure all existing land claims are protected, GP has defaulted worlds which were disabled to allow claims again, including player-made land claims. If this isn't what you want, update your config.yml.
  • Piston limiting - Version 8.1.7 and higher. Pistons won't move blocks outside of land claims. This is a huge performance win, but if you want the old rules back, there's a new config option to disable this rule. Yes, players do get an explanation/warning when they place pistons outside of land claims, to avoid confusion for newly-placed pistons.
  • /DeathBlow Removed - Version 9.3 and higher. It's no longer necessary, since the items players drop on death are now protected. This protection is on by default in non-PvP worlds, and off by default in PvP worlds. You may customize it in the config file. You can still use /kill to kill a player, although /kill will not send the player's inventory to another player as /deathblow did.

All Recent Changes

11.0.2 Updates

  • Fixed a bug which sometimes caused players to be unfairly punished for logging out on servers which use WorldGuard to limit PvP.
  • Removed a debug log message (oops, how embarassing!).
  • Fixed some clever players keeping PvP immunity while having inventory by receiving items via other plugins.

11.0.2 Updates

  • When you have server economy integration enabled, players can't sell accrued blocks anymore, only bonus blocks. Also when they buy, those purchased blocks go into their bonus blocks.
  • Fixed abandoning subdivisions penalizing blocks when optional abandon return ratio feature is enabled.
  • Fixed ender pearl teleportation putting players into pvp combat mode.
  • Reduced tolerance for IP address spam.

11.0 Updates

  • Now "suspicious" water and lava bucket dumps will be logged (player name, fluid type, and coordinates).
  • Villagers will now take damage from monsters, even in land claims (this was intended before, but a bug prevented it).
  • Minor performance boost for visualizations.

10.9 Updates

  • Eating cake now requires /containertrust or higher permission.
  • Fixed a protection bug involving slime blocks.
  • Made boot a lot faster for servers who have seen lots of players.

10.8 Updates

  • Added a new claims mode you can use in your config file, "SurvivalRequiringClaims". This will work well for servers who have a separate resource world and want to limit their players to building only inside their land claims in other worlds, and very badly for other server types. This has some potential design problems (how do they get a golden shovel? What if they die and lose it?), which are yours to solve in the way you think best fits your server.
  • Cancelled ender pearl teleportations won't consume the ender pearl anymore.
  • /sethome now requires /accesstrust or higher permission. You may disable this or add more slash commands for this rule in the config file.
  • Added griefprevention.siegeimmune permission to make a player immune to the /siege command.
  • Added /setaccruedclaimblocks (/scb) to set accrued blocks to a specified value. They will auto-correct if you set them above the maximum you've set in your config file, or if you set them less than zero. /acb is still the best choice for almost all situations, but if you need this, now you have it.

10.7.1 Updates

  • Fixed players selling their initial claim blocks.
  • Perf boost for boot sequence (file and db modes).
  • Bug fixes for /claimslist output.
  • Tweaked spam filter tolerance for similar messages.

10.7 Updates

  • Claimed animals can't be poisoned with splash potions anymore (minor issue - poison doesn't kill).
  • /TransferClaim without any player specified will make a claim an administrative claim.
  • /TransferClaim doesn't change player bonus blocks anymore.
  • /TransferClaim now requires griefprevention.transferclaim permission.
  • /GivePet now requires griefprevention.givepet permission (all players have this by default).
  • /ClaimsList <otherPlayer> now requires griefprevention.claimslistother permission.
  • Automatic claim block count fix-ups. If a player has fewer than the initial claim blocks accrued, that will be corrected by increasing accured blocks. If a player has more total land claimed than he has claim blocks (bonus or accrued), that will be corrected by increasing accrued and/or bonus blocks. Neither of these will happen instantly, but rather over time as players with these issues log in and play.

10.6.3 Updates

  • Fixed dispenser arrows damaging claimed animals (recently broken by environmental damage to minecarts changes).
  • Fixed self damage putting a player "in combat" and therefore subject to GP's PvP rules.

10.6.2 Updates

  • Animals and monsters won't trample crops anymore (players were already covered).
  • Fixed /GivePet not working in PvP worlds.
  • Cauldrons now require at least /ContainerTrust to fill or empty.
  • Minor fix for UUID migration on very large servers.

10.6.1 Updates

  • Untrusting a player in a top level claim will now also remove that player's explicit permissions in any subclaims of that top level claim.
  • Bug fix for UUID migration.

10.6 Updates

  • Hoppers will no longer pick up protected player item drops due to death, preventing lethal traps from stealing them.
  • For sake of performance, the feature which prevents nether portals from being created in land claims without permission (by creating a nether portal at the corresponding coordinates in another dimension) is turned off by default. You can enable it in your config file. This "grief" is very difficult to execute, opportunities to attempt it are rare, and it's surprisingly expensive to prevent.
  • Admins with both adminclaims and deleteclaims permissions may now resize another player's land claim to smaller than the minimum.
  • UUID migration is now a lot faster.

10.5.7 Updates

  • Made expanding chest claims a little easier for new players.
  • Fixed database connections going stale on some servers.
  • Fixed a UUID migration bug for database mode servers upgrading from very specific earlier versions.

10.5.6 Updates

  • Fixed rabbit theft using jump splash potions and carrot bait.
  • Now GP knows about the WorldGuard override permissions, which makes the WorldGuard compat feature work more smoothly for admins.
  • Claims expand down faster now when you build underneath one you're allowed to build in.
  • Removed the "claim creation requires permission" option. Now it's always on, and all players have permission by default. You can use a permissions plugin to take away custom land claim privileges for specific players or all players.
  • Might have worked-around the mcMMO bug which allows players to inflict "bleed" effect on protected animals.

10.5.5 Updates

  • Fixed players trampling crops (broke it last version, my mistake!).
  • Performance boost for player interact event.

10.5.4 Updates

  • Fixed claims expiring too fast on new creative mode servers.
  • Fixed data migration rolling back claim blocks for some players with uppercase letters in their names.

10.5.3 Updates

  • Fixed a minor protection bug stemming from a Vanilla bug.
  • Fixed "someone" instead of player name for players in their first session on your server.
  • Fixed an admin chat message having an unclickable link in creative mode worlds.
  • Fixed a database migration bug.
  • Fixed a UUID migration bug.

10.5.2 Updates

  • When creatures tramping crops is allowed, player-controlled mounts will no longer damage crops.
  • When players log in, they have to move at least one block before they can chat (this is an anti-botting strategy). Players who've earned the trivial "got wood" achievement on your server are exempt from this rule.

10.5.1 Updates

  • Attacking a villager in a land claim now requires build trust, since villagers are potentially a major investment. Interaction (right click) is still container level trust.
  • Because item frames and armor stands are decorative, they're part of your build's aesthetic and now require build trust to destroy. Interaction (right click) is still container level trust.
  • Fixed visualizations showing at most one subclaim. Now they show them all again.
  • No more log spam about grass. This was a debug message related to sheep eating grass that I accidentally left in. :\
  • Added a 10-minute cooldown period for being warned about building outside of your land claims.
  • Greatly improved the performance of the "claim block delivery" task.

10.5 Updates

  • Interacting/trading with a villager now requires container trust (same as animals other inventory).
  • Inverting a daylight sensor (right click) now requires build permission.
  • /rnf now works better in grassy areas.
  • No more sign notifications for signs which contain only spaces.

10.4 Updates

  • Negative effect potions (weakness, poison, hunger, etc) now follow PvP immunity rules - they will not effect players in a no-PvP area except for the thrower, and will not effect ANY players if thrown from a no-PvP area.
  • The PvP rules worlds part of the config file has been RESET and redesigned. If you customized that part of the config file, you'll have to do it again using the new settings (sorry!). The new design is MUCH easier to understand and edit.
  • Added a config option to disable the WorldGuard compatibility feature.
  • API changes (for developers)
  • * Added datastore.getClaim(id).
  • * Added datastore.getClaims().
  • * Added ClaimDeletedEvent.

10.3 Updates

  • Admin claim visualization style updated to ask clients to do less lighting updates.
  • Nearby claim search now tells you how many claims were found.
  • When resizing a players' claim, his remaining claim block allowance is now shown instead of yours.
  • Fixed log spam when players walk into portals that don't go anywhere (e.g. end portals when the end world is disabled).
  • Made UUID migration more reliable.

10.2.1 Updates

  • The world guard compatibility feature to require WG build permission before a GP land claim can overlap a WG region is back with much better performance.
  • Claimed vehicles (e.g. minecarts) will now take environmental damage like lava, fire, and cactus. TNT and Creepers still won't damage them because griefers could potentially be in control if those damage sources.
  • Added some command aliases to make commands easier for players to remember and/or guess.
  • The "no lava buckets near players" rule now ignores creative mode players, and won't give away the nearby player's name (in case of invisibility).
  • Tweaked the IP address spam filter to be less aggressive.