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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Recent Major Changes

  • UUID Conversion - Version 8.1 and higher. During boot, an often very slow, one-time conversion process will replace player names in your data with player UUIDs. This process can take as long as one second for each player who has EVER played on your server. Make a backup before you upgrade, and please be patient. If this process is interrupted, you'll have to restore from backup and start over. This change will ensure players who change their names will not lose claim blocks or access to their land claims. If there's a problem, I need to know whether you're online/offline/bungee, whether in database or flat file mode, I need your boot logs from the conversion attempt, and if possible, a snapshot of your data from before the update.
  • Disabled worlds in config - Version 8.5 and higher. If a world is "disabled" for land claims, then no land claims which already exist in that world (including administrative land claims) will be protected. For those upgrading from an earlier version ONLY, to ensure all existing land claims are protected, GP has defaulted worlds which were disabled to allow claims again, including player-made land claims. If this isn't what you want, update your config.yml.
  • Piston limiting - Version 8.1.7 and higher. Pistons won't move blocks outside of land claims. This is a huge performance win, but if you want the old rules back, there's a new config option to disable this rule. Yes, players do get an explanation/warning when they place pistons outside of land claims, to avoid confusion for newly-placed pistons.

All Recent Changes

8.7.2 Updates

  • Lifted the ban on wilderness bucket dumping in survival worlds for happier farmers. Also no more automatic fluid cleanup for survival worlds (when claims are abandoned), for fewer "wrong sea level setting put a hole in my ocean" incidents.
  • Fixed an issue with UUID migration - apparently it's possible to have offline players with a null player name entry? :\

8.7.1 Fixes

  • Fixed a data loss bug for database mode servers which impacts few servers, but everyone in database mode should update just to be safe!

8.7 Updates

  • Added /gpreload to reload configuration settings. When you update your JAR, you still need either a /reload or a server reboot to get all the changes.
  • Fixed claims with subdivisions seeming to not fully delete.

8.6.4 Updates

  • Added /SoftMute.
  • Performance: Reduced CPU time of player login and player logout event handlers by about 85%.
  • Performance: No more scanning survival mode claims to remove unused claims (still applies to creative mode worlds).
  • Performance: Reduced CPU time for the very spammy player interact event.
  • Fixed /ContainerTrust not allowing nether wart farming.

8.6.2 Updates

  • Dying and shearing sheep in a land claim now requires /containerTrust or higher permission.
  • Improved underwater claim management. I'll bet you didn't realize this was a thing, did you? ;)
  • Stick and shovel tools now reach through water with right click.
  • When the player is underwater, visualizations will "stick" to the ground or structures under the water rather than to the water's surface.

8.6.1 Updates

  • Fixes for database mode claim loading and player data saving.

8.6 Updates

  • /ContainerTrust now allows for farming - planting new crops, using bonemeal to speed crop growth, and harvesting crops. It does NOT allow preparing new soil for planting with a hoe, or "farming" tall grass or trees.
  • Removed trapped command cooldown from the config file.
  • Removed unused "idlelimitdays" entry from the config file.

8.5.2 Updates

  • Bug fix: Right clicking in a subdivision with a stick in hand does not produce an error.
  • Mod access trust config option also protects the listed block types from left clicks as well as right clicks.

8.5.1 Updates

  • Fixed "/trapped is always on cooldown" bug by removing the cooldown entirely.
  • Performance update for the very frequent player interact event.