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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


Recent Major Changes

  • Disabled worlds in config - Version 8.5 and higher. If a world is "disabled" for land claims, then no land claims which already exist in that world (including administrative land claims) will be protected. For those upgrading from an earlier version ONLY, to ensure all existing land claims are protected, GP has defaulted worlds which were disabled to allow claims again, including player-made land claims. If this isn't what you want, update your config.yml.
  • UUID Conversion - Version 8.1 and higher. During boot, an often very slow, one-time conversion process will replace player names in your data with player UUIDs. This process can take as long as one second for each player who has EVER played on your server. Make a backup before you upgrade, and please be patient. If this process is interrupted, you'll have to restore from backup and start over. This change will ensure players who change their names will not lose claim blocks or access to their land claims. If there's a problem, I need to know whether you're online/offline/bungee, whether in database or flat file mode, I need your boot logs from the conversion attempt, and if possible, a snapshot of your data from before the update.
  • Data format update - Version 8.0.3 and higher. This version can load data saved by the buggy "beta" versions released over the last year or so. Make a backup before you update, just in case there's an issue. If there's a problem, I need to know whether you're online/offline/bungee, whether in database or flat file mode, I need your boot logs from the conversion attempt, and if possible, a snapshot of your data from before the update.
  • Tree growth limiting - Version 8.1.6 and higher. Trees are now allowed to grow into claims from outside (for performance reasons), UNLESS you opt-into tree growth limiting in your config file (this is a new config option).
  • Piston limiting - Version 8.1.7 and higher. Pistons won't move blocks outside of land claims. This is a huge performance win, but if you want the old rules back, there's a new config option to disable this rule.

All Recent Changes

8.5.1 Updates

  • Fixed "/trapped is always on cooldown" bug by removing the cooldown entirely.
  • Performance update for the very frequent player interact event.

8.5 Updates

  • IMPORTANT! Updated the "enabled worlds" claims configuration in config.yml. Going forward, in worlds where claims are disabled, no existing land claims (including administrative claims!) will be protected. To ensure all existing land claims are protected for upgraders, any worlds which were disabled for land claims before are now re-enabled for land claims. If you don't want this, update your config.yml, but remember that will leave any administrative land claims you've created in those worlds vulnerable to grief.
  • Fixed visualization blocks being hidden underneath snow.
  • Fixed standard land claims being visualized with red blocks instead of gold.

8.4 Updates

  • Doubled the effective range of claim tools (golden spade, stick) to 100 blocks from 50.
  • Visualizations will now automatically disappear after 60 seconds, if you're still nearby.
  • You can now erase a visualization by pointing at something very far away, or even at the sky (in case you're in a very large land claim, where everything around you is inside the claim).
  • Administrative land claims will now visualize orange instead of gold.
  • Fixed a bug with offline player lookup which would sometimes give the wrong player when two players' names differed only in casing (PLAYER vs player).

8.3 Updates

  • Faster database mode boot.
  • Reworked the new player experience to help new players learn to use the plugin faster.
  • Greatly reduced the frequency of the "you're building outside of land claims" warning.
  • Config cleanup.
    • Login cooldown is now set in seconds for more customization and better player experience. Default is now 60 seconds (from 2 minutes).
    • Removed option to require land claims before building in survival mode (nobody was happy with this, now matter how I changed it).
    • Removed donation chests option (not anti grief, belongs in an extension plugin).
    • Removed the option to disable automatic claim cleanup in creative worlds (source of griefability).
    • Whisper/sign eavesdrop is now on by default. Was off by default before with privacy in mind, but now servers log all whispers anyway.
    • Removed the option to disable building outside claims warning (see above, should not be spammy anymore).

8.2.3 Updates

  • Faster UUID migration with less memory usage.
  • UUID migration will now correctly migrate player data for players with names starting "$" or "_".
  • Trust commands no longer work with offline players, except for /UnTrust. Big performance boost.
  • General perf improvement for messages sent to players and the /TrustList command.
  • Reduced overall memory consumption, especially during boot.
  • Slightly faster boot.

8.2.2 Updates

  • Faster, more reliable UUID migration code.
  • Fixed dispensers placing fluids in a neighboring claim.
  • Now automatically deleting claims for worlds which no longer exist.
  • Better visualizations for huge land claims.
  • Removed option to disallow un-claiming land in creative mode.