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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


8.1.4 Updates

  • Fixed break/build permission for /trust public claims.
  • Streamlined player lookup by name.
  • More detailed logs for failures to create the initial database connection.

8.1.3 Updates

  • Fixed a mistake for DB-mode servers where the UUID migration would convert land claims to administrative unnecessarily.

8.1.2 Updates

  • Updated UUID migration code to accommodate offline-mode servers.

8.1.1 Updates

  • Fixed a bug related to database implementation/configuration variations.

8.1 Updates

  • UUID support is in. Your data will go through a one-time conversion process during your next reboot or reload. Now if a player changes his name, he'll still have access to his land claims and he won't lose any claim blocks.
  • Shortened and updated the in-game help links. Also made them easier for me to update later, in case it's needed.

8.0.3 Updates

  • This version of GriefPrevention will correctly load data created by the buggy beta versions. If you're been using a beta version because you didn't want to delete all your data and start over, now is the time to upgrade! This has been tested of course, but please take a data backup before upgrading just in case I've overlooked something.

In this version, data storage formats are changing.  Please back up your data rebooting or reloading your server with this version.  If you experience any problem, please share your logs and if you can, your (pre-upgrade) data.