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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.2


8.0.3 Updates

  • This version of GriefPrevention will correctly load data created by the buggy beta versions. If you're been using a beta version because you didn't want to delete all your data and start over, now is the time to upgrade! This has been tested of course, but please take a data backup before upgrading just in case I've overlooked something.

8.0.2 Updates

  • Attaching a leash to a creature in a land claim now requires container trust.

8.0.1 Updates

  • Claimed item frames can't be broken without build trust.
  • Their placing/removing items from them now requires container trust.
  • They're not damaged by monsters, explosions, or arrows.
  • Hopper minecarts inside land claims require containertrust for inventory access.

8.0 Updates

  • Hopped into the way back machine. All features introduced in 7.7 forward, including the beta builds, have been removed (along with associated bugs).
  • Griefers may no longer steal from conveniently-placed chests using hoppers or hopper minecarts.
  • Fixed "That belongs to {0}." message when interacting with claimed animals.