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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1


7.4 Updates!

  • Players who want to use TNT in their claimed areas but don't want to delete and remake their claims may now do so using the /ClaimExplosions command. They will learn about this new command when they place TNT inside their land claims. Note that it's still impossible to destroy blocks above sea level even with this feature, because otherwise griefers could use it to make a giant mess (by claiming before exploding). When a player logs out, any claims he owns will have their explosion setting set back to disallowing explosive damage, to reduce the probability of a player forgetting and leaving his claim vulnerable.
  • Ender pearl teleportation now requires /AccessTrust, unless you disable it in the configuration file. For anyone running in siege mode, I think it's probably best to disable this. Otherwise even simple constructions become completely impossible to break into.

There's a bug causing a "my brother got banned when I did" problem:


There is no workaround, except to disable smart ban entirely, which will open you to attack by griefers who are aware of the vast lists of username/pass combinations published on griefer forums and websites everywhere.  So, only bad choices here.  Note that if you /pardon all affected players, they will all be able to log in again (meaning you have to /pardon the bad player along with the good ones).