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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.2-R0.2


7.0 Updates!

  • The /claimslist command is now available to players for checking their own claims. Checking another player's claim info still requires the deleteclaims permission.
  • Now there's a "pvp worlds" configuration option so that you can turn off the pvp protections for specific worlds.
  • It's now almost impossible to accidentally donate your weapon to a chest during pvp combat.
  • CAPS spam will now ignore URLs, since they can sometimes be case-sensitive.
  • Villagers in administrative claims are now vulnerable to attack by zombies, making it possible for admins to protect a village from player grief without over-protecting it from normal game mechanics.
  • The /trapped command will no longer work in administrative claims, since those claims often restrict player movement by design, for example a in new player tutorial. It's up to you admins to make sure your administrative claims don't include accidental "traps" where players can get stuck.
  • Clarified the help messages for unprotected blocks and chests to specifically recommend the golden shovel. To get these new messages, you'll need to delete your messages.yml to get the new defaults.
  • Players are no longer prevented from teleporting during pvp combat. Instead, you may list SPECIFIC slash commands which are banned during pvp combat. The defaults include /spawn, /home, and /tpa. Players are still barred from teleporting out of or into a besieged area, except with ender pearls. This change is a good workaround for the conflict between Grief Prevention and Survival Games.
  • Buying and selling claim blocks now requires the griefprevention.buysellclaimblocks permission, which all players have by default. This gives admins the option of taking away that functionality from specific players or groups.