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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


6.3 Updates!

  • /RestoreNature just got even BETTER. Now it can effectively remove builds created with stone, sandstone, and logs, even though those are natural blocks, without doing any damage trees and other "natural" structures.
  • /RestoreNature in creative mode will now cover over giant holes. And the bug which caused sand to "fracture" is fixed.
  • Creative mode players who shrink or abandon their claims will get a warning message explaining that the area they've unclaimed may be changed by other players or cleaned up by administrators, and suggesting that they consider re-claiming the area if there's anything important there. After a couple of minutes, any unclaimed land will be automatically cleaned up!
  • Given all of the above changes, I now feel the creative mode resizable / deletable claims feature update is now good enough to be the default. So it is. For all of you who are upgrading and running some worlds in creative mode, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND enabling that feature in your config file so make the overall experience more fun for your players without giving griefers a tool.