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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.3.1-R2.0


6.2 Updates!


  • To make administrative claims permissions less confusing for new users, administrative claims will no longer automatically allow all players to open containers, kill animals, and use buttons/levers. You can still allow this by explicitly using /containertrust public in each administrative claim you've already created. Sorry for the trouble - I'm having to do this on my servers as well, and I know it's a pain. But overall, I think it's best for the user experience.
  • You now have the option to allow players in creative worlds to shrink and/or abandon their claims! When a player unclaims a block either by resizing his claim or abandoning it, /restorenature will automatically take effect to remove anything he built there. However it's imperfect, and I'm not certain that it will ever be totally reliable in removing all player placed blocks, so you may find yourself cleaning up some (wilderness, not claimed land) grief as a result of turning this on. I'm also aware of a few specific issues, for example it makes a bit of a mess in deserts right now. Improvements are already on the todo list.

Other Changes

  • Fire is now protected! If you set a netherrack fire in your land claim, nobody can put it out.
  • Dispensers will now work int he wilderness, but they still won't dump water on the surface unless you have turned off that rule, or they are inside a land claim.
  • The fill tool (/restorenaturefill) now produces much nicer looking results. Specifically, the "striping" problem is much reduced.
  • RestoreNature will not clear animals, setting them free for players to collect, eat, and breed. Also better results in snowy areas.
  • Hard mode zombies will not break down doors by default, to avoid situations where griefers intentionally bait zombies over to destroy another player's door. You can disable this rule in the config.