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  • 1.3.1


5.8 Released for Dev 2311!

I recommend very strongly against running ANY dev build on a live server. However the Bukkit guys have told us that they will no longer guarantee any level of quality, even for the builds they label "recommended". Since there's no way for us to tell, then, which builds are good except by trying them ourselves, I understand if you feel you want to go ahead and update. IF YOU DO, BE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR WORLD.

Okay I'm off my soap box. See my changes below. I tested the protection for claimed areas, and it seems solid. Good luck, please tell me if you have difficulty - however be advised that unless you're on 2311, I reserve the option to not investigate your issue. 2311 is the build I'm "officially" supporting.

  • Now when players start building outside of their claimed areas, they will get a warning message and may also see their claim borders highlighted. This might sound annoying on the surface, but I've adjusted it to avoid spamming players, and so far, the players on my server REALLY like it. Please try it before you decide to turn it off.