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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


5.3 Updates!

  • Added a command list for whisper commands, so that you can eavesdrop better when you have other plugins installed that add their own whisper commands.
  • Added a "griefprevention.claims" permission, which all players have by default, for using the basic claims-related slash commands. For those of you who have disable player-made claims, you can optionally take away this permission as well to make sure help plugins don't display commands that your players won't be using.
  • Added mod support. See the config file. You can set specific block IDs to require /containertrust or /accesstrust, and you can designate specific player accounts (like those fake accounts created by mods) to have access to all claims without restriction. BE WARNED that this last thing can be very dangerous - when "machines" or whatever introduced by mods make changes to the world anonymously (as they usually do), it may be possible for a griefer to use a machine to make a change in someone elses claim. Consider very carefully before allowing machines unrestricted access to all claims!
  • Another fix for enormous claims.